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2022 Covered California Open Enrollment Deadline

For people who avoid hospitalization during a case of COVID-19, treatment could still cost $1,300 out of pocket, without health insurance. On average, that cost rises to $127,000 for those who need hospitalization and time in the ICU. Covered California

Don’t Fall For These Small Business Health Insurance Scams

Small businesses should be cautious of many insurance scams.  Due to the nature of the insurance business, the opportunities for hoaxes are limitless. Therefore, while buying small business health insurance, pay specific attention to insurance requirements related to worker's compensation,

2022 Kaiser Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente, commonly known as Kaiser, is a non-profit HMO health insurance plan based in Oakland, California. Currently, Kaiser operates in eight states (Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia) and it is one of the largest HMO

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Health Insurance

When it comes to choosing the best health insurance plan for your family, time is usually limited. But making hasty decisions and picking the wrong one can be heavy on the pocket. Planning to buy health insurance? Looking for a handy step-by-step

Independent Medicare Insurance Agency: How to Select The Right One?

Selecting a Medicare insurance agent is a confusing job for many. There are many professionals present in the market for help. You will explore many companies that don’t have any licenses and certificates. Besides, they might not be a good

2022 Covered California Open Enrollment

The Covered California's renewal period began on Oct. 1, 2021. To renew your health insurance for 2022, you can log in to your online account and finish the renewal process. If you have a Covered California agent, you can contact

Be Aware Of 4 Things before Buying Health Insurance

The rising cost of insurance in California is making it pretty hard for Californians to obtain and maintain health coverage. Thus, many people are constantly looking for affordable health insurance to pay their medical bills. With so many plans and

Qualities to Look For In a Health Insurance Broker

To maintain a good name in the field of insurance, insurance brokers must meet standard expectations to keep clients happy and stay in business. While people expect insurance brokers to have a valid license and to meet other legal requirements

Relevant Facts You Didn’t Know About Covered California

When we think about the importance of health insurance, our mind often goes to the worst-case scenario. We all know that health insurance is critical in the case of a serious injury or illness. The U.S. government has come up

Covered California and Medicare

Transitioning from Covered California to Medicare requires a certain amount of research and planning. You will also need to take proper action and keep track of important dates. Transition from Covered California to Medicare Generally speaking, if you are are

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